Perpetual Pinning

Do you use Pinterest?

I go through periods of madly pinning and trying to keep things organised and efficient, so I can find things again, (fighting a losing battle there). Then I completely forget about Pinterest altogether, until I get a notification to tell me someone has pinned one of my images.

In the beginning, I used to get really excited about these notifications. As a small business owner there are lots of rather insignificant things that can really make your day! I would wonder, is it my fab logo that has been pinned, or is it a page showing the fab illustrations from The Gingerbread Man? (Both produced by the talented Sadie Johnson) Is the world discovering what I do? Will it result in a sale?

That was until a pattern started to form. More often than not it was the same image being pinned. An image that I had pinned to share with Sadie when we were working on The Gingerbread Man. We had created a shared board where I could pin illustration styles I liked. Apparently, despite me thinking the illustrations were all of a similar style, Sadie put me right by pointing out that actually they were of widely varying styles and I had to narrow things down a bit and be more specific.

There are lots of amazing illustrations on this board titled ‘Kamishibai, trying to narrow things down’. But, there is one pin which has hit the big time (small fry for most pinners but big numbers for me!) with over 100 pins, or repins if you like.  Now I know that by being pinned by other more prolific pinners/pinteresters than me gives the image higher exposure, but just what is it about this image that has captivated more than any others?

It is not my favourite illustration on the board. There are many others which I prefer over it. However, I do like it and pinned it for a reason. I like the style and colouring used for example. It has lots going on, there is a lot of detail, too much however for a traditional page in a kamishibai story. I like the humour in the image and despite the fact that there is a lot going on, there is a simplicity to it also. There is a traditional feel to the style, not a whiff of CGI or jiggery-pokery, perhaps quaint and old fashioned?

I will add the image to this blog and perhaps you can let me know if you like the illustration as much as everyone else.

And if you don’t know what Pinterest is…it’s probably best left alone…it can easily suck you in and once you're in, it can be tricky to break the addiction!

I no longer have the source of the illustration, only that I pinned it from

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